Plastic storage shed 10 ft we X 8 ft deep; A clearance sale

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The product description

Can lock

Made in USA


Including the warranty

Uv radiation

Need to assemble


This 10' wide x 8' deep steel reinforced polyethylene storage shed will provide the perfect storage space for all your tools. It's the perfect complement to your outdoor space and keeps your tools in order. Made from steel and double steel reinforced polyethylene, it provides years of reliable use. The gabled roof adds a traditional touch to the garden shed. Tool Shed's desert tan and dark brown finishes give it a classic look while also enhancing its overall appearance. It consists of four small skylights, two large skylights and two corner shelves. Shielded vents will provide airflow and keep the shed free of pests. Its rear window can be opened to increase ventilation. Two shatterproof polycarbonate sides will allow light and air into the shed and keep the atmosphere fresh.

What does it include?

4 built-in shelves/shelves


Door lock

Two Windows

The ground

The skylight

The shed


The base

Product details

Shed type: storage shed

Main materials: plastic; metal

Storage: 494.5 cubic feet

Wind scale: 65

Other tools required (not included) : screwdriver; Adjustable wrench; The hammer; Pliers; Tool knife; Adjustable wrench

Including the floor

Floor material: plastic/polyethylene


10' wide x 7' 8 "deep x 8" high

The inside of the

9' 6 "wide x 7' 5" deep x 7' 9 1/2 "high

The door

4' 10 5/16 "wide x 6' 3 13/32" high

The shelf

7 "6" wide x 9 1/2 "deep x 1" high


76.7 square feet

Gross product weight

413 pounds

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