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Condition: Brand new

?? Folding electric bike. The condition is "new". ?? Electric bike. The condition is "new". ?? The motors integrated in the rear wheels have different speed levels to best suit all types of routes and stampedes required by the user, ensuring the right effort and stampeding pleasure. ?? Power: 350W? Power and auxiliary rating: Class 5 (PAS) Battery capacity: 13AH?? Autonomy: over 50km-70km (PAS?? System)?? Control unit?? Intelligent previous generation controls devices for proper engine management in any situation. ?? Specifications?? Front shock absorbers front forks? The GEL saddle?? Liquid crystal display?? Before and after light?? Front and rear fenders?? Front and rear disc brakes?? The roof rack?? The aluminum frame?? Wheel 20 "?????? Shimano 7 speed transmission?? Built-in bell?? Weight after battery insertion:

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